Forma, Vol. 31 (Special Issue), pp. S55S58, 2016


How to Promote Interdisciplinary Activities of the Katachi Society

Ryuji Takaki

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (Emeritus Professor), 3-3-13 Yuigahama, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0014, Japan
E-mail address:

(Received April 17, 2015; Accepted April 24, 2015)

Abstract. This forum article is aimed at introducing the main activities of the Society for Science on Form, Japan since its establishment in 1985, and its relations to friend societies with similar characters. At present, we have two major friend organizations, i.e. the Society for Culture on Form (in Japan) and the International Society for Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry (ISIS Symmetry). Next, meanings of "Katachi" and "Symmetry" are explained, so that the relations to these friend organizations are convinced. In addition, other small groups with interdisciplinary activities are introduced, i.e. the "Kutachi" group in USA (aiming at development of better artificial systems) and an NPO Interdisciplinary Institute for Science Technology and Art (ISTA), in which the present author is deeply involved. Then, the past and present situations of the journal Forma is mentioned, and some hints are given in order to elevate its status.

Keywords: Interdisciplinary Activity, Science of Form, Katachi, Symmetry, Kutachi, ISTA

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