Forma, Vol. 29 (Special Issue), pp. S17S21, 2014

Wing Surface of Lepidopteran Insects (Butterflies and Moths): Layered Structure Composed of Two Kinds of Scales

Akihiro Yoshida

Yuhki Science School, 113-2 Arisugawa-cho, Kawashima, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 615-8191, Japan
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(Received February 21, 2011; Accepted May 11, 2011)

Abstract. Wing surfaces of most lepidopteran insects (butterflies and moths) are covered with abundant scales. Most scales are classified into two kinds, called cover and basal scales, which are overlapped each other to make the layered structure on the wing surface. The detailed morphology, functions, and development of this layered structure are reviewed and discussed.

Keywords: Lepidopteran Insects, Wing, Scale, Surface, Layered Structure

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