Forma, Vol. 26 (No. 1), pp. 29-38, 2011

Automatic Generation Method for Processing Plants

Kentaro Nomura and Kazunori Miyata*

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
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(Received November 4, 2010; Accepted July 25, 2011)

Abstract. A processing plant consists of massive parts including tanks, pipelines, processing columns, frames, and so on. This paper reports a method for automatically generating the landscape of a processing plant from a 2D sketch input and some control parameters. This is difficult to implement with conventional procedural methods. The results show that the landscapes of a processing plant are satisfactorily represented, while some detailed parts, such as valves, steps, and branching pipelines, are not generated. The generated 3D geometric data are useful for constructing background scenes in movies and video games, and are also applicable for pre-visualizing a landscape to construct a processing plant.

Keywords: Procedural Modeling, Processing Plant, Geometry Model

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