Forma, Vol. 22 (No. 3), pp. 231-245, 2007
Original Paper

A Design Support System for Kaga-Yuzen Kimono Pattern by Means of L-System

Yousuke Kamada and Kazunori Miyata*

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
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(Received August 24, 2007; Accepted November 6, 2007)

Keywords: Design Support System, Kimono, L-System

Abstract. This paper proposes a support tool for designing kimono patterns. Kimono patterns are controlled by two rules, "flow" and "hierarchy"; the rule of "flow" controls the pattern arrangement, and the rule of "layered structure" manages the layer structure of pattern. The proposed system supports design of kimono patterns, considering these two rules. The system also applies L-System to express ornamental patterns of plants to appear in kimonos semi-automatically. It is possible for people who do not have good design skills to obtain an intended kimono pattern easily by using this system.

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