Forma, Vol. 21 (No. 1), pp. 81-92, 2006
Original Paper

Artistic Representation with Holography

Setsuko Ishii

Independent artist, 1-2-3-513 Kohinata, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0006, Japan
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(Received April 13, 2005; Accepted February 25, 2006)

Keywords: Holography, Holography Art, Three-dimensional

Abstract. This thesis describes artistic representation and its applications through holography. It highlights the characteristics unique to holography, which are not seen in other techniques, and presents this technique as a form of expression media. It is shown that these characteristics can help achieve considerably more than is possible with a mere three-dimensional image recording medium on account of the flexibility of holography as a medium of artistic expression. In order to emphasize this fact, a few holographic works are presented as concrete examples. Moreover, this thesis provides an insight into the manner in which holography has been applied to architectural space and developed for outdoor environmental art, through some examples of the practical application of holograms, and investigates the future possibilities of this technique.

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