Forma, Vol. 21 (No. 1), pp. 67-80, 2006

Visualization of Forms in the Inside of the Human Body

Junichiro Toriwaki

Department of Life System Science and Technology, Chukyo University, Toyota 470-0393, Japan
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(Received February 26, 2005; Accepted July 4, 2005)

Keywords: Organs, Lung, Colon, Human Body, 3D CT Images, Virtual Endoscopy, Micro CT Images

Abstract. This article presents a brief review of methods to visualize forms of parts of the human body in different spatial resolutions by applying navigation observation and pattern recognition to three dimensional (3D) X-ray CT images. Several examples of 3D views of the parts of human body are shown. They are characterized by that the viewpoint is selected arbitrarily inside the body and moved around anywhere almost continuously.

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