Forma, Vol. 19 (No. 3), pp. 197-205, 2004
Original Paper

A Two-Dimensional Model for Sagittal Suture of Cranium

Yasuhito Oota1*, Tomomasa Nagamine2, Kenzo Ono3 and Sasuke Miyazima4

1Department of Computer Science, Chubu University, Kasugai, Aichi 487, Japan
2Department of Human Welfare, Shiga Bunka College, Yokaichi, Shiga 527, Japan
3Department of Pathology, Tosei General Hospital, Seto, Aichi 489, Japan
4Department of Biological Chemistry, Chubu University, Kasugai, Aichi 487, Japan
*E-mail address:

(Received June 2, 2004; Accepted October 7, 2004)

Keywords: Cranium, Sagittal Suture, Osteoblast, Eden Growth, Hurst Exponent

Abstract. Sutures of the cranium have complex patterns. The sagittal suture is formed from fusion of left and right growing parietal bones. There is a connective tissue film in the gap between the left and the right parietal bones, where osteoblasts become bases of the bone formation. We use the Eden growth model for the growth of the bone and calculate Hurst exponent α from the fluctuation of the simulated sagittal suture which is a fusion interface. We have compared simulation value of Hurst exponent with observed value of 0.770-0.950 (10 samples) and have found that the Hurst exponent changes with concentration of osteoblast in the gap and with the gap between two parietal bones. The observed patterns of sagittal suture can be realized by the present simulation.

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