Forma, Vol. 17 (No. 2), pp. 75-89, 2002

Antireflection of the Butterfly and Moth Wings through Microstructure

Akihiro Yoshida

JT Biohistory Research Hall, 1-1 Murasaki-cho, Takatsuki, Osaka 569-1125, Japan
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(Received May 1, 2002; Accepted July 22, 2002)

Keywords: Antireflection, Microstructure, Butterfly, Moth, Wing

Abstract. This article addresses two types of antireflection of wings of the lepidopteran insects (butterflies and moths). They are due to different microstructure in the wing surfaces. The first is minute indentations in the upper surfaces of scales. The examination of the upper and lower surfaces of scales suggests that the minute indentations in the upper surfaces of scales may inhibit the lepidopteran wings from showing mirror reflection. The second is a regular-hexagonal array of protuberances in the scaleless and transparent wing of Cephonodes hylas. The artificial Cephonodes wing without protuberances shows higher reflection in the broad wavelength range of light, which demonstrates that the protuberance array highly inhibits the Cephonodes wing from light reflection.

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