Forma, Vol. 16 (No. 2), pp. 91-99, 2001
Original Paper

Symmetry versus Katachi in Animal Organisms

Sz. Bérczi1,2 and B. Lukács1,3

1Matter Evolution Scientific Subcommittee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary
2Faculty of Science, Department of G. Physics, Eötvös University, H-1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter s. 1/a, Hungary
3Central Research Institute for Physics, RMKI, H-1525 Budapest-114, P.O. Box 49, Hungary

(Received August 17, 2000; Accepted August 20, 2001)

Keywords: Animal Body Forms, Killing-Symmetry, Symmetry and Topology of Animal Body Structure

Abstract. We demonstrate that for animal organisms there seems an inverse relationship between symmetry of the form and abilities of the organism. A "very perfect" body could do almost nothing; therefore probably it could not even plan any action either. In the maximally symmetric animal body almost nothing would exist inside to be expressed outside.

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