Forma, Vol. 14 (No. 3), pp. 239-248, 1999
Original Paper

A Technique for Representing Cloth Shapes and Generating 3-Dimensional Knitting Shapes

Tatsushi Funahashi, Masashi Yamada, Hirohisa Seki and Hidenori Itoh

Department of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Gokiso-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya 466-8555, Japan

(Received March 9, 1998; Accepted August 26, 1999)

Keywords: Cloth Shapes, String Figures, Computer Graphics

Abstract. In this paper, a method of generating the three-dimensional knitting clothes shapes is described. First, a method of representation of the cloth is described. In this method, a cloth is represented by a mesh, which is a set of vertexes. Next, a method of generating the cloth shapes is described. The cloth covers three-dimensional objects. To generate the shapes, vertexes of the mesh are moved with considering spatial restriction of covered objects. At last, the usefulness of the proposed method is confirmed by execution examples.

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