Forma, Vol. 13 (No. 4), p. 255, 1998


With the rapid growth of computer technology, ever so many approaches from science, engineering and other fields have been tested for comprehending pattern formation and designing 3D shapes and 3D CG-animations. Considering new methods and technologies to come in the next century, it is desired in earnest that science, design and engineering will, more often than ever, interact with each other and/or coalesce into new areas of study. "New", in the true sense, is being different from that which has traditionally been.
This issue contains 12 articles which cover a wide range of scientific and technical studies on image (sequence) processing. Therefore, thematic unity is not apparent in the table of contents. However, I, guest editor of this particular issue, tried to find connections and correlations there could be among the topics dealt with in these articles. Nothing would be more satisfying than knowing that these topics will inspire readers searching for their own theme to explore in a potentially new field of study.
The following topics randomly picked out show the variety presented in this issue:
I. Technical Aspects on Image Processing II. Scientific Visualization, Measurement and Analysis
I would like to thank Prof. Shoichi Kai, Kyushu University, for offering the venue for The 13th Symposium on Sequential Image Processing and Measurement, 7 March 1998, Fukuoka. I also appreciate the suggestion Prof. Ryuji Takaki, editor-in-chief, made to publish this special issue which brings together the invaluable theses contributed during this memorable occasion, as well as contributions from other sources.

Hidetoshi Miike