Forma, Vol. 9 (No. 3), pp. 273-280, 1994
Original Paper

Several Artistic Attempts by a Physicist: Fractal Tessellations of Spherical Surface and Multi-Axes-Construction of Rods

Tohru Ogawa

Institute of Applied Physics, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba 305, Japan

(Received July 13, 1994; Accepted August 2, 1994)

Keywords: Fractal Tessellation, Tessellation of Spherical Surface, Patterns on a Spherical Surface, Koch Curve, Peano Curve, Multi-Axes-Rod Construction, 3D Whirl

Abstract. As the first attempt, several geometrical patterns were drawn on a spherical surface. They are based on the extension of the concept of similarity to a spherical surface which is not a Euclidean space. There are three kinds of attempts in this scheme.
  1. Fractal tessellations with infinite number of elements.
  2. Fractal tessellations with finite number of elements.
  3. Peano curves on a spherical face.
The second attempt is the construction of multi-axes-rod structures, periodic and quasiperiodic, which is a fruit of some interdisciplinary cooperation. The motivation for these attempts are briefly described. The relationship between esthetics and research is also discussed in the last section.