Forma, Vol. 9 (No. 3), pp. 253-257, 1994
Original Paper

Geometry of Folded Pattern of Veins and Origami Model of Digitate Leaves

Keimei Kaino

Sendai National College of Technology, Sendai 989-31, Japan

(Received February 1, 1994; Accepted May 9, 1994)

Keywords: Digitate Leaf, Vein, Folding, Geometry, Origami

Abstract. When certain type of digitate leaves is folded up along their main veins as in leaf buds, their margins of leaves are found to form a simple curve or a few lines. From the viewpoint that the venation and the folding leaf buds would be closely related each other, a new modeling method called by origami model is proposed. By use of this model, it is shown that complex digitate shapes such as Acer, Cacalia yatabei and Humulus lupulus would be well produced.