Forma, Vol. 9 (No. 3), pp. 203-208, 1994
Original Paper

Proposal of a New Kind of Art "Rheo-Art"

Ryuji Takaki

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Fuchu Tokyo 183, Japan

(Received April 8, 1994; Accepted May 10, 1994)

Keywords: Viscous Flow, Lagrangian Chaos, Computer Graphics, Rheo-Art

Abstract. A new concept to produce fine art masterpieces is proposed, which is attained by application of natural laws, especially that of viscous fluid dynamics. An initial dye pattern put on a viscous fluid is deformed due to repeated processes of intermittent rotations of two cylinders inserted into the fluid. After several times of the process the dye shows a beautiful pattern. The artificial handlings in this method are the choice of natural law, the input of initial pattern, and the number of repetitions. A difference from free-hand paintings by artists is discussed.