Forma, Vol. 9 (No. 2), pp. 83-90, 1994
Original Paper

Analysis of Coastal Lines by Multi-Fractals

Fumihiko Imamura

Disaster Control Research Center, Tohoku University, Aoba, Sendai 980, Japan

(Received May 20, 1993; Accepted December 10, 1993)

Keywords: Coastal Lines, Multi-Fractal, Fractal Dimension, Regression Model

Abstract. Some basic problems in obtaining Fractal dimensions of coastal lines among different computational methods are discussed. In order to eliminate the discrepancies among the values of dimensions, the importance of proper selection of the range of scales and the starting point is addressed. On the other hand, a variation of Fractal dimension depending on the scale is a useful analytical tool for the actual problems, which corresponds to the idea of multi-fractals. A regression model introduced in this study is effective to study and discuss the cross-over of fractal dimensions, and classify certain data. It is noted that the difference from the regression model indicates all existence of some typical length scales and a lack of self-similarity.