Forma, Vol. 9 (No. 1), pp. 51-66, 1994
Original Paper

Mathematical Modelling Consideration on AV-Node Action Potential Spectrum

Chie Koide and Hiromi Seno

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Hiroshima University Kagamiyama 1-3-1, Higashi-Hiroshima 724, Japan

(Received August 17, 1993; Accepted April 15, 1994)

Keywords: 1/fv Spectrum, AV-Node, Activation Pattern

Abstract. Two simple mathematical models for the electrical activation pattern of the AV-node action potential are considered. One is the model by Keener, and the other is its modification by the present authors. Spectral analyses of the activation patterns are carried out, and the power-laws in the range of high frequency are obtain. Some comparisons are mode with measured data.