Forma, Vol. 4 (No. 2), pp. 135-139, 2001
Original Paper

Fractal Dimension of the Spatial Structure of the Human Liver Vascular Network—Computer Analysis from Serial Tissue Sections

Hideo Shimizu, Takeshi Fujii and Takeshi Yokoyama

Department of Pathology, Jichi Medical School, Yakushiji, Minamikawachi-Machi, Tochigi 329-04, Japan

(Received July 19, 1989; Accepted August 25, 1989)

Keywords: Fractal Dimension, Spatial Structure, Vascular Network, Human Liver

Abstract. The spatial structure of the human liver vascular network, which consists of irregularly anastomosing minute vessels in three-dimensional space and is thus called "sinusoid", is shown to have a fractal nature through direct analysis of serial tissue sections using a computer system. The fractal dimension of the structure is found to be 2.18±0.03. This quantity is considered to be another useful parameter for estimating complex spatial structures of anastomosing vasculature.