Forma, Vol. 2 (No. 1), pp. 49-58, 1986

Computer Graphics Representation for a Three-dimensional Reconstruction from Serial Sections

Norio Baba*, Misuzu Baba**, Masako Osumi**, Shin-ichi Nakamura***, Masao Imamura****, Masatada Koga**** and Koichi Kanaya*

*Department Electr. Eng., Kogakuin University
**Department Biol., Japan Women's University
***Department Pathol., Kouchi Medical School
****Department Orthod., Tokyo Dent. Coll.

Keywords: 3-D reconstruction, computer graphics, serial sections

Abstract. A method is described, that represents a three-dimensional object reconstructed from serial section images by means of computer graphics and shading based on Lambert's law. Using biological or medical samples, some useful stereographic representation methods are demonstrated, which are a transparent display, cuts through a reconstructed model and a three-dimensional distribution representation of particles.