Forma, Vol. 2 (No. 1), pp. 37-48, 1986

Morphology and Growth of Ultra Fine Particles

Chihiro Kaito and Kazuo Fujita

Deptartment of Physics, Kyoto Institute of Technology

Keywords: Morphology, particle, electron microscopy

Abstract. Electron microscopic methods for determing the form of ultra fine particles have been shown by using various oxide particles, iron particle and GaP particle. The form of ultra fine compound particles have been classified by the structure of the substance. Magnetic field effect on the growth of ultra fine particle have been elucidated by the new experimental methods based on the form of iron particle. The particles prepared in magnetic field below 1200 gauss were always arranged in chain and was well explained by connection among the particles in which each particle have the clossed magnetic domain with the [100] magnetization vector. The particles prepared in magnetic field stronger than 1250 gauss were always arranged in straight chain having magnetization vector along [100] direction with single domain structure.